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Reputation video


In a reputation video, a clip is created that helps to increase the reputation of the company or institution and to introduce its activities through the video.

The video speaks about the image of the company in society and shows how and whom it is targeting.
A reputation video gives you the opportunity to introduce your social responsibilities and thereby helps to achieve an even better and more secure position in society. It is also useful for presentations in business meetings or fairs.



Promotion video​

A promotion video is a good opportunity for the customer to market and introduce themselves. We will work together to create a company/institution/person introductory video, the length of which, depending on the purpose, is usually two to four minutes. A promotion video is a good tool for marketing. In addition to institutions, this opportunity is also available to individuals, such as athletes, to introduce themselves and to show improvement in their results. It has been used as a tool to talk to sponsors.


After movie



An after movie is a video summary of an event. It is a good way to leave a visual memory of a party or other event or even use the recording to promote the following event. We can edit a shorter clip on request, or we can offer all the materials unedited.



Social media marketing video

A marketing video is for distributing on social media. It helps to grow a company through increased awareness among social media users. Traditionally, these marketing videos are short and fast to catch the eye of the social media user. Based on the consumer, we make them in the interest of the client so that even without sound, the video would give a sufficient overview.


Product video


A product video is the best way to explain the characteristics of a product or service. The video explains the problem to the viewer and shows why a particular product or service is the best solution for it.


Wedding video


Every wedding video is special, and we do it personally for the couple. We capture the beauty and emotions in the film so that the good feeling, that we were there, lasts many years. Written and verbal text or interviews can also be added on request.



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